HVAC Replacement

There are lots of reasons to replace your HVAC unit and it is important to keep in mind that this is an investment that could last up to two decades. HVAC replacement involves more than just selecting a unit, but it also involves selecting the right business to replace your old unit. You are essentially trusting a service to come into your home, take out the old unit and install a new one.

The professionals at Neighborhood HVAC Service have you covered when replacing your old HVAC unit. Here are some things to know when your home is in need of HVAC replacement:

Pay Attention To The Manufacturer

Not all HVAC units are created the same. However, this is not something you should be expected to know. At Neighborhood HVAC Service, we are experienced in replacing all types of units, including Carrier, Trane and more. There is no reason you have to replace your old unit with the same brand. You can upgrade and the pros at Neighborhood HVAC Service can facilitate that process.

Making Your Home A More Comfortable Place

Replacement of your HVAC unit should, first and foremost, increase your level of comfort. Older units wear down over the course of time and do not function as efficiently. Replacement will provide you with a huge upgrade, considering your new unit will likely be more than a decade newer than your old unit. Comfort also extends to heating and cooling your home evenly, which can be accomplished with a new unit.

Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck

One of the reasons that HVAC units do not achieve their highest levels of efficiency is because of improper installation. Energy Star ratings can only be achieved when all the working parts are in order. For example, a home with leaking ducts will not be able to achieve its full efficiency potential. This is where Neighborhood HVAC Service steps in makes sure you get all the energy efficiency you pay for. Tax credits may even be available for homes with higher energy efficiency ratings.

Signs That You May Need A New Unit Installed

It does not always take a veteran technician to point out when it is time for a new HVAC unit. Homeowners can identify their own warning signs. For instance, HVAC units that are between 9 and 12 years old could be on the verge of replacement. Leaks, lack of heat or cool air emanating and higher energy bills all indicate that a new HVAC unit may be needed. When you need HVAC replacement in Charlotte, NC and the nearby areas, contact Neighborhood HVAC Service right away.