HVAC Installation

HVAC installation in Charlotte NC is a complex process that should be entrusted to only professional technicians. When you are ready to install a new HVAC system, be sure to contact Neighborhood HVAC Service for affordable prices and top-quality workmanship. Our technicians are full-licensed and have accumulated years of experience in the HVAC industry. Our HVAC installation applies to the following types of systems:

  • Air conditioner systems
  • Furnaces powered by various fuel sources
  • Heat Pumps from all leading manufacturers
  • Ductless systems and Dual-fuel systems

There are also a lot of detailed areas we attend to at Neighborhood HVAC Service. For example, we can replace the ductwork and provide the necessary upgrades to complement your new HVAC unit. We can also install add-on features such as WiFi thermostats and programmable systems. We are here to make your new system as friendly and efficient as possible.

Benefits Of Installing A New HVAC System

The benefits of having a professional HVAC company install your new system are counted in numerous ways. That is why choosing a company is important and here are some of the benefits offered by Neighborhood HVAC Service.

  • Expertise -When you choose Neighborhood HVAC Service, you will receive industry expertise. That includes insight on HVAC topics such as zone cooling, preventative maintenance and a general understanding of your system. It is our goal to provide clients with complete service and that extends to technical knowledge as well.
  • Savings – While HVAC systems come with an up-front cost, one of the benefits will be continual savings on monthly energy bills. A new system will operate more efficiently and when installed properly, it will result in instant monthly savings on energy bills.
  • Reliability – Once you have an HVAC unit professionally installed, you will be able to enjoy years of efficient heating and cooling. We recommend some preventative maintenance, although that is minimal. We can also explain the warranties that come with the specific HVAC unit you purchased and explain every fine detail.

Experienced Professionals Get The Job Done Right

The team at Neighborhood HVAC Service is prepared to install new units to your existing home and we can also install units in new construction. Our technicians entrusted with this important task have extensive knowledge of all HVAC systems. This helps in the selection phase as we can provide valuable insight that can help choose the most economical unit for your home. For the best HVAC installation Matthews, NC has to offer, contact Neighborhood HVAC Service today.


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