Heating Installation

Heating a home is a necessity and the service of your heater should not be underestimated or overlooked as it is a main part of the comfort of your home environment. At Neighborhood HVAC Service, we install all kinds of heaters to all types of homes. Here is a look at the various types of heating installation offered by our technicians.

  • Furnaces – While Most furnaces are powered by gas, there are also a lot of electric ones inside a home. Some older-model furnaces rely on oil and there are still homes with ones that use propane or steam. Our certified heating installation technicians can install whatever make and model heater you are looking to put in your home.

  • Heat Pumps – This type of heating installation depends on precision. In order for heat pumps to operate at their maximum level, the installation process must be carried out without a flaw. Heat pumps use refrigerant transfer to take air from outside the home and treat it for both heating and cooling purposes.

  • Boilers – Oil and gas boilers heating installations require a careful approach. This may also include new piping as various components all need to be in working order to gain 100 percent efficiency. The team at Neighborhood HVAC Service has years of experience installing all types of boilers.

  • Radiant Heat – Many homeowners are switching to radiant heating as it is a way to keep floors warm during the winter months. It also allows heat to rise through the home, which can help with energy efficiency. The process of installing radiant heating is handled with step-by-step procedures at Neighborhood HVAC Service.

There are also other tasks involved with heating installation. It could require running new electrical lines or installing new gas lines in your home. We take care of all those tasks at Neighborhood HVAC Service and also remove old radiators and furnaces. Our staff will even take care of the necessary duct work.

More Reasons To Choose Neighborhood HVAC Service

There are a long list of reasons to go with the top Charlotte NC professional team at Neighborhood HVAC Service for all your heating installation needs and here are some more reasons that have helped us stand out as a top company for heating installation, repair and maintenance services in Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas:

  • Working with natural gas can be dangerous and we have accumulated a stellar documented safety record.

  • Energy efficiency can save you a lot of money and much of that depends on the correct installation.

  • Our technicians are certified and have decades of experience installing heating units from all the leading manufacturers.


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